My name is Scott Abbott and I’m a surf photographer based in San Francisco.

The best way to describe my creative approach is that I work hard to fuse equal parts athlete and environment into every image. While my main focus is always the surfer’s decisive moment, I’m also actively concentrating on capturing other details like water texture, backlighting, glimmer on a wetsuit, ships in the background, etc. When it all comes together, it is a special moment in time I feel stoked to capture and share.

In terms of gear, my primary set-up is a Canon 7D MkII with a Canon 100-400mm L, with the occasional 70-200mm L or 24-105mm L if the situation calls for them. All post-production is crafted in Adobe Photoshop.

My day job is a creative director at a digital products agency. I’m always designing and trying to make beautiful things, even when I’m not at the beach. If you see a guy with a white lens standing in the water along Ocean Beach, be sure to say, ‘hi’! There’s a good chance I might have some epic photos of you.